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The right pair of frames should naturally accentuate your look and lifestyle. We make it easy for you to find styles that complement your face shape, complexion, and unique features. You can also explore glasses by type to see specialty options that are both flattering and practical. 


Face Shape

We make it easy for you to find frames that match best with your face shape and features. Whether your face is more oval, round, triangle, or square, you’ll find a wide selection of glasses that flatter.




If your face is longer than it is wide, frames with some height will make your features appear beautifully balanced.

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Angular, narrow frames can enhance the look of a round face with soft curves. Rectangular glasses tend to look particularly flattering on circular faces.

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Faces that are triangular or heart-shaped tend to look best with square glasses or lighter rimless frames that are wider at the bottom.

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If your face is similarly proportioned in length and width, oval or round frames with softer angles can really complement your look.

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