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Sun Readers®

On every bright day, you can look and feel great in our stylish Sun Readers®. They have all of the fashion of regular sunglasses but with readers at the bottom of the lens.

SunReaders combine your standard part of sunglasses with readers on the bottom portion of the lens so you can capture every detail whether you are shopping downtown, taking a stroll in the park, or reading your favorite book on the beach.

If you are new to SunReaders, you will be quite surprised at how versatile they are!  With a fashionable frame to accessorize your wardrobe and a diopter in the lens for reading, you’ll love your new Sun Readers® and will want to have them on you everywhere.

Sun Readers feature two separate portions on a single lens. Generally, when we are reading a book, we look down and through the bottom of the lens so with a diopter in the lens, you will be able to go from staring into the distance to reading the fine print of your book and see every detail without sacrificing looks – wherever the sun takes you.

Foster Grant Adorable sun readers have movie star appeal and a beautiful design. We also carry Corinne McCormack premium fashion eye wear designed for a woman who appreciates versatility and practicality as much as a fabulous fashionable look. 

These reading glasses will provide form and function with incredible style to suit every mood and every occasion!

So it is time to grab a book and head outside! Check out our Sun Readers in our online store right here!

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