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Presbyopia is an age-related condition where the eyes begin to have problems focusing on nearby objects. As you age, your eye lenses harden and can no longer change shape to focus on close objects – especially in poorly lit places. This natural condition generally starts to weaken your near vision in your early-to-mid 40s.

This makes reading books or working on the computer difficult and can produce strain on your eyes. Presbyopia is considered a natural part of aging, meaning it is often unavoidable. But there are several steps we can take to lessen the effects of presbyopia.

There are a variety of available surgical options that can correct problems stemming from presbyopia. One such of these procedures is conductive keratoplasty, where the surgeon uses radio waves to create a more curved cornea for a higher “plus” prescription to improve near vision. Consult your eye-care professional about the possibility of surgery and which procedure fits your specific needs.

However, a common method of presbyopia correction is just having a good pair of eyeglasses. Bifocal or progressive addition lenses have two separate prescriptions on a single lens: the top half for distant vision and the bottom half for near vision.

You could also look for a pairing of reading glasses for times of close up work so you won’t miss a single work. Our wide selection of stylish readers is designed to work with the effects of presbyopia, helping to enhance your eyesight as it gradually changes.

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