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Computers have revolutionized just about everything except for our eyesight. Even spending a moderate amount of time in front of the computer each day can lead to a set of symptoms known as Computer Vision Syndrome. Signs of Computer Vision Syndrome often include eye strain, dry eyes, blurred vision, and headaches. This is mainly because the eyes have trouble adjusting to computer-generated characters that are made up of countless small dots, or pixels. 

Eye strain from prolonged computer use can also sometimes be caused by presbyopia, a condition that comes with aging and occurs when your eye lenses harden and can no longer change shape to focus on close objects.

Fortunately, there are computer readers with specially-designed lenses to help alleviate the symptoms that come along with significant computer use. Computer readers are prescription glasses designed to allow you to work more comfortably in your own workspace while helping to reduce the stress on your eyes. These specialty readers also help filter out the harmful blue light that comes from your monitor.

Additionally, computer readers offer an anti-reflective coating to give you even more protection against glare from fluorescent lighting. If you’re spending more and more time on the computer, a stylish pair of these protective readers could be just what you need. 

When shopping for the right pair, keep in mind that you’ll likely need glasses that are a half-power weaker than your everyday readers, since your monitor is farther away than you hold reading materials.

Consider a pair that not only complements your work environment but also your personal style. If you find yourself on the computer quite a bit, you may prefer reading glasses that are delicate and light rather than heavy and bold. These will give a natural look while providing optimal comfort in front of the screen.

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