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Cataracts are abnormal proteins that form within the lens of the eyes. As the lens become cloudy, light rays that are normally focused through onto the retina at the back of the eyes become distorted.

Symptoms include:                                                                                                         

-          Cloudy or blurry vision

-          Sensitivity to light

-          Double vision in one eye

-          Faded colors

-          Poor night vision

-          Frequent prescription changes

The eye lens is mostly made of water and proteins, and as we age, some of the protein may begin to clump together. This abnormal clump is called a cataract and may build up over time, preventing light rays from passing through the normally transparent lens.

Cataracts are very common and most are related to aging, developing gradually throughout life. Did you know that 50% of Americans over age 80 have cataracts? More than 20 million Americans around 40 years have cataracts?

Researchers believe that good nutrition and protective sunglasses from UV rays may help delay the process, but there is currently no clear method of preventing cataracts. However, if cataracts begin to seriously interfere with your daily activities, you should consult your eye care professional about the possibility of surgery.

Cataract surgery is a relatively safe and effective procedure and is the most frequently performed surgery in the United States. About 90 percent of people who underwent cataract removal have 20/40 vision or better.

The most common procedure used is called phacoemulsifcation. During this process, the lens is broken up using high-frequency ultrasound and then suctioned out. After removed, the surgeon implants an intraocular lens (IOL), which is a clear, plastic lens that focuses light rays properly onto the retina. IOLs become a permanent part of your eye and require no care.

Consult your eye-care professional before opting for cataract surgery. Symptoms of early cataracts can be improved with proper reading glasses. Reading glasses can help enhance patients’ ability to see things up close and clearly. Your doctor will be able to determine what is best for you based on your current vision and goals. Our readers can be made to fit any prescription, in all of the styles that suit you.

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